Capturing the Invisible

  Can you photograph love?

  It isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Love is invisible, but your interactions are not. You know those scenes in Disney movies when the guy is looking at the girl and she has no idea? That look in his eyes and the crooked smile? If you’re in love, you have those looks. And a hundred other looks and interactions that I can capture. For some couples, it’s her head thrown back laughing at his bad jokes. For others, it’s the tears being held back when reading vows. Whatever yours may be, I’ll be there to capture it. There is something sublime about true love, and so hard to pin down in words. So managing to show something that is hard to find and even harder to express...it’s beyond rewarding.

  I got a question from one of my couples the other day. They asked me why I do weddings. After a couple of seconds I shared something that I’ve had in mind for a long time. I simply enjoy seeing love. All of it. Not just the bride and groom's love for each other, but the love that shines through their families. The love of friends, parents, and children. I can literally see these feelings flowing between people like waves, and at that moment I know I'm in the right place. That is what I get to see, and that is what I get to photograph. And that is what you get to relive every time you flip through your wedding album. That is why I do this.



"First off, such a sweetheart" Fiorella O.

  I moved from Europe 4 years ago. 

  Yep, Europeans can be weird at times haha, but what we love is aesthetics. 

  Think of Italian fashion, Scandinavian interior design and general European architecture. We love creating beautiful things [and sometimes we're too obsessed with it]! 

  I am no exception. I am obsessed with creating beautiful images and I value photography very much. If taking a perfect shot means standing in water destroying my shoes - I'll do it! And I'll climb with you up a mountain no questions asked if that's what it takes to get a great shot.

I love photography, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


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