Most affordable true fine art wedding photography

So, you really love fine art film wedding photography (who doesn’t, right?), but with the average cost  for a wedding shoot being $7000-15000, I’m sure this makes you a little nervous.

But, considering this exceptional year, I was thinking about it and I found a perfect solution! I decided to shoot film and digital at the same time, using it as a color reference. It allows me (and you) to get the best of both worlds: the cost efficiency of digital photography and the amazing color rendition and aestheticism  of film photography. 

I will be able to include film in EACH wedding shoot at no additional cost, meaning that now you can get fine art film wedding photography for much less.

Amazing, isn’t it?


My name is James Furman, and I am a destination fine art wedding photographer based in San Diego, California. 


I started shooting weddings in 2012. 

I always associated love with something light rather than dark, that's why I really love fine art film wedding photography. Originally made with overexposed film only, now this style moved to the digital field, which made it much more affordable for couples! 


Light. Color. Aesthetics

Fine Art Film Wedding Photography is mostly known for a lot of light, beautiful pastel-like colors and its romantic aesthetics. 

That's why I personally think it's a perfect choice for your wedding if your goal is to highlight the love you have for each other. Moreover, I can definitely say that this style is timeless, because photos are never over-edited or super saturated and contrasted.

If you feel that this approach to wedding photography is close to your heart, go ahead and click that "CHECK AVAILABILITY" button down below, and let's chat!