I'm James

  I'm a Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer based in San Diego, California.

  I moved from another continent 4 years ago, and the USA is actually the 4th country of residence for me. This very fact is something that lets me combine British style, Italian aesthetic, German precision and Swedish minimalism in my work.

  I am truly passionate about creating things that are beautiful and timeless. Something that will mean something to someone. Something that will bring laughter, tears, and nostalgia. Even 20 or 30 years from now. For me, this special wedding photography is what I can offer the world.

What Makes Me Unique?


​● I’ve been told my way of storytelling is special. This is because I cater every photoshoot to each individual couple based on who you are and what makes you tick. Your story and your love is different from every other couple. It’s my goal, and my privilege, to take the love unique to you and show it through my photos. Head over to my WEDDING gallery to watch real love stories unfold.


 I have been doing wedding photography for 9 years now. I’ve shot multiple weddings in Italy, Russia, Germany and of course, in the United States. This is a lot of experience, but I’m still overwhelmed with emotion each time I get to see a new couple start their journey together.


● I offer an express service that gives you the option to have your fully edited photos back in 7-10 days. This is pretty unheard of in general in the wedding industry, especially with photographers who offer both film and digital — which I do, by the way!


● I am currently based in San Diego, California. You’ll often find me shooting in Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, but I’ve also been flown to the East Coast for weddings. I’m willing to venture to anywhere your love may take me. 


● Do you know a wedding photographer who uses a digital medium format camera? Now you do! These types of cameras are often used for high-end fashion and landscape photography, but using them for weddings will guarantee your photos have a look that is otherworldly.

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